About us

Hi there, I'm Alexis. I am the "May" in May*Lo, my little sis, Jamie, being the "Lo". The name was derived from our middle names combined. We are two lucky girls that were born out of a true love story. Setting is overseas, 1975, Hong Kong...strapping young American sailor meets beautiful, shy yet intrigued native, glances pass, rendezvous ensue...poof! Straight outta a Nicholas Sparks novel, I know!

Both parents are very talented artists in their own right, mom is an artist and seamstress, paying those bills as a professional hair stylist, while dad is a freelance carpenter/woodworker, jack of all trades, master of some ;).

Little sis, Jamie, an artistic smash of visual and graphic art, with her passion being hat making.  I, big sis, can pretty much run anything through a sewing machine or refashion a wood pallet into useable furniture!  Taught by example, Dad says one should never have idle hands! 

We'd like to think that May*Lo's brand could bring a sort of nostalgia when thinking back to your childhood, hence the timeless rag doll. Love it, drag it, wash it, repeat. Thanks so much for taking an interest! We truly appreciate it!