May*Lo Tooth Fairy Doll

May*Lo Tooth Fairy Doll

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I do believe in you?  Teeth are a hot commodity in Fairy Land, exchanging fallen teeth for a prize is very beneficial to the evolution of the fairy community, hence why it's important for your May*Lo Toothfairy Doll to protect that fallen tooth until the Tooth Fairy makes her way to your bedside.

On the belly of your doll is a pocket big enough to store your tooth, and it reads:

"In this pocket, I will lay the little tooth I lost today.  Please, dear Fairy, tonight as I sleep, leave me a coin, my tooth you may keep".

If you read this out loud before you fall asleep, the Tooth fairy will hear and add you to her route of nightly visits, she may leave you something special in return, but only if you're sleeping.